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Recruiters Prominent Role in Careers Advice

Recruiters taking a prominent role in careers advice for our next generation of job seekers!

For the 3rd year running Brampton Recruitment Ltd attended the Sir Thomas Boughey High school mock interview night as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility promise to give back to the local community.


Consultants Jo and Natasha accompanied by other local businesses, education ambassadors and public service professionals gave up their evening to put the final year students through their paces! It is a great opportunity to showcase to students just how a ‘real-life’ interview happens and to prepare them for their exciting journey in to employment in the years ahead..

Jo Glover – a consultant at Brampton Recruitment and former pupil at Sir Thomas Boughey High school thoroughly enjoys this event every year. ‘It is a fabulous opportunity to brief the students on how to prepare for an interview and how to conduct themselves. It allows them to get an idea of the process of an interview in a non-judgemental and safe environment. All interviewers take the time to feedback to the students and leave them with written documentation to take away and utilise again in the future within their careers service at the local high school.’

The students are asked to prepare a number of items ready for the interviewer within their chosen industry of interest. A CV, alongside a personal statement and filled out application form. They attend school in the evening dressed to impress ready to be interviewed.

All of the students are gathered and ushered to the correct interview room.

The look of sheer terror on some faces is enough to make you feel for them! But, as the staff at the school remind everyone – we are not there to scare them, but really give them an insight to what a ‘real life’ interview would be like. ‘In my experience within recruitment’ says Brampton Recruitment Consultant Jo Glover ‘Until you walk into a room with an interviewer you don’t know if you are getting good cop or bad cop, this fills the unprepared students with absolute dread…’

Over the many years that Brampton Recruitment have been attending this event we have had many different interviews – some students are excellently prepared and conduct themselves very well. Some come with no paperwork, no drive – and this is where bad cop rears its head! Some are nervous, panicked with little self-confidence and it is at this point we try to put them at ease. We have to remember this is an optional event and we have to give them credit for coming and putting themselves far away from their comfort zone! Everyone that attends is given valuable feedback to take away with them – honest, positive and constructive.

Whether students are planning further education or to go straight in to employment, they will have to endure their ‘first interview’ – this event allows them to be one step ahead of their peers and hopefully prepare them fully for what is to come once school is over, whilst hopefully not scaring them too much…

There is clearly lots of work to be done with our youngsters today and hopefully we are helping by preparing them with careers advice, guidance and the relevant tools they need for the future.

Recruitment Agency Now have looked into this a little deeper – read the full story here –

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