October 2013 Motivational Survey

In October 2013 we sent out a Motivational Survey to all our clients.  Results comparing this year’s response to the response that we had to the same Survey that was sent out in October 2012 are shown as follows:

  • We found that 36% of Managers felt that their employees were more motivated in December;

Question 1: Which months do you find to be the most busiest and pressurized?

  • 2013 - Nearly 80% of Managers agreed their workload increased in the run up to Christmas.

Does this mean December 2013 was busier due to an economic change?  Should we plan for a busy December 2014?

  • 2012 - Last year only 58% of Managers thought December created an increase in workload!

Graph 1 – demonstrates busy months for increased workload in 2013

Bar Chart

Q 2: Which months do you see an increase in holidays and sickness?

  • 2013 - Similar to last year’s results December, September and March, a slight shift from 2012 as Managers had also included January having a high sickness level

Based on these results can we predict September and December to be busy periods this year due to staff having time off?  Do we need to plan for this?

This graph shows when staff take their holidays:

Bar Chart

This indicates the main summer months/school holidays are the main bulk of people being out of the workplace on holiday – if this coincides with a busy time have you got the skills in place to retain your customer service levels and cope with more demand?

Comparing the busiest months with the increase in holidays:

Bar Chart

July and August were significantly stated as the months in which holidays and sickness absences increased, again most clients said that this made it busier – can we look at cross skilling to cover for these times?

How do Companies and Managers incentivize staff?

  • 85% of Managers agreed that they incentivized staff by providing praise – saying a job has been done well goes along way!
  • 43% of Managers agreed social events were a positive way to incentivize and to team build
  • 43% of Managers also agreed annual bonuses were a positive incentive

However, last year we saw a number of unique responses including time off, birthday presents, additional holidays and end of year awards, but this year we only had one unique answer – chocolate!

Interestingly enough only 14% of Managers thought prize incentives and industry qualifications worked, is training not a motivator for the individual or is this Management perception?

These top three incentives are the same as last year’s results – they must be working!

This year, 75% of Managers agreed it was more difficult to motivate staff during quieter times, 70% of Managers agreed with this statement last year – can anything be done to bring motivational levels up at this time?  Is this the time for praise, social events etc?

Interestingly, the majority of Managers did not answer or did not answer positively to the question about how their Manager motivated them, this shows similar results to last year – this raises the question are Managers being neglected? This is one of the main reasons that middle management look towards another role, again a little praise every now and again can save you money in recruitment costs.

93% of Managers do not offer an incentive to prevent sickness levels.

This has increased 10% from last year, is this because sickness levels have decreased due to people fearing about their jobs and having time off or are we getting a healthier workforce so the need to incentivize isn’t needed?

The results have shown that there hasn’t been a massive shake up in the way that we operate our businesses and our workforce – will this change dramatically next year now the economy is looking more positive or will it be more streamlined to ensure Companies get to keep their key staff?

There are certainly a few questions in the survey that pose food for thought, thank you to everyone that participated in with the survey, we will conduct another later in the year.