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The Perfect Job Match

Is searching for a job like searching for love?

With almost sixteen years’ experience in the recruitment business, it’s often struck us (pardon the pun), that searching for a job is like searching for love…

The matchmaker

From the initial spark of attraction – the job ad, to exploring compatibility between candidates and companies as they make their way through the ‘dating phase’ of the selection and interview process. Then finding compromise as the job offer is negotiated, to the ultimate commitment of job acceptance and the start of a *fingers crossed* long-term relationship. Our role as recruiters could be compared to that of a matchmaker. We are the intermediary supporting both parties to find their perfect match.

The spark

Candidates often have a list of desirable features they’re looking for in a job, just like the lonely hearts ad you’d put out under a “Would like to meet” heading! There could be a particular industry or organisations they’d like to hook up with or features of the employment package beyond salary and promotion prospects. Benefits like a holiday on your birthday, flexible working hours and work location, often light the spark of attraction. It’s the thing that makes you swipe right and take the plunge “Ohhh, I like the look of that!”.

The compatibility

This is where the real matching comes in between the candidate and the recruiting company. Having a great job description that outlines the role and responsibilities succinctly and a detailed application and CV that matches candidate’s credentials, is the first step in selection. Interview process can be just like dating. The nerves of making a good impression, you both want this to work and a series of meetings, interviews and tests, all exist to establish compatibility. Having a “mutual friend” as an intermediary to hear your feedback and check in on your compatibility, is important at this stage. A good recruitment agency plays that ‘mutual friend’ role.

The compromise

Although we all seek perfection, “would like to meet Brad Pitt / Tom Hardy / Beyonce Knowles / Jennifer Lawrence”, here’s the thing – and we hate to break it to you – that’s unlikely to happen! There’s usually a compromise to be made and consideration given by both parties when moving jobs, progressing careers, and developing teams for successful organisations. If the job is perfect, but the hours aren’t quite right, seek compromise. You can bet that Brad, Tom, Beyonce and Jennifer all negotiated their contracts.

The commitment

Sealing the deal, changing your relationship status on social media, accepting the offer, making that commitment. It’s exciting, it’s a new chapter and it’s the start of a *hopefully* long-lasting and rewarding relationship. Oh, and don’t worry if long-term relationships aren’t for you, we offer temporary solutions for fabulous consummate daters!

It’s a matter of trust

Being a successful matchmaker takes time to get to know companies and candidates, to understand their culture and their aspirations. At Brampton Recruitment, we are a personable, diligent, and honest team. Nothing makes us happier than making successful matches and we have a strong portfolio of long-term relationships. Read our testimonials, prepare your ideal “would like to meet” and turn to Brampton, the matchmaker you can trust. We love what we do.

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