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EU Impact on UK Recruitment

On 23rd June we’ll have a big decision to make. Do we want to remain part of the EU, or will we vote to go it alone? There are so many conflicting arguments for and against remaining in the EU that it’s hard to get a grip on the facts, and this is particularly true when considering the impact the decision in June will have on recruitment in the UK.


So, should we stay or should we go? Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of both sides of the debate to help you decide: –

Staying in the EU:


  • Free movement of people across the EU opens up job opportunities for UK workers willing to travel and makes it easier for UK companies to employ workers from other EU countries. This helps bridge the skills gap and ease the current candidate shortage
  • Legislation such as the AWR regulations have been introduced by the European Union to give temporary workers more rights. This wouldn’t have applied to UK employees if we weren’t part of the EU


  • Less control over employment legislation
  • No control over the skills level of European workers coming into the UK

Leaving the EU


  • The UK would have more control over numbers migrating to the country for work and over employment legislation as a whole
  • Supporters of a Brexit (as the potential “British Exit” is known as) believe that leaving the EU would provide the UK with the freedom to negotiate its own free trade deals, which would in turn create more jobs for British workers


  • Limiting or stopping the freedom of movement would deter workers from EU countries coming to Britain for employment, create complex new immigration controls and would reduce the pool of candidates employers can choose from. This would have a massive impact considering the current candidate shortage in the UK.
  • Some companies may decide to move their operations to other European countries, resulting in job losses in the UK. Leaving the EU could have a negative impact on key industries such as manufacturing, as Europe is our major export market.
  • No one really knows the impact exiting the EU would have on the UK economy as a whole, and uncertainty is never a good thing when it comes to the job market!


There are still four months to go before the UK makes its call, and no doubt there will be fierce debate right up until June 23rd, but as far as the recruitment industry is concerned only time will tell how the final outcome makes its impact.

For more information on both campaigns, you can visit their official websites here:

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