How it works

Looking for a permanent member of staff?

Once you have got in touch we will ask you for as much detail as possible on the requirements for the job and details about the kind of skills and experience you require in the candidate.

We then will contact our database of active job seekers and contact them to discuss the role, ensuring we match to your requirements as closely as possible.

Once we have shortlisted suitable candidates we will forward formatted CV’s to you for your perusal. We endeavour to format all CV’s in the same way to make it easier for you to read and to compare against the other candidates. If you have any questions on the candidates let us know, we speak to all candidates before we send them to you and in most cases we have met with them as well so should be able to answer any questions. We do try to pre-empt questions and make sure these are answered on the CV beforehand.

Want to interview? Tell us when/where and who and we will organise all of this for you, sending you confirmation once they have been confirmed.

We do ask you for feedback on all candidates who have been for an interview, as we pass feedback to candidates, if they have been unsuccessful in getting the job you still want them to have a positive experience of your business. We also facilitate any offers that you wish to make – keeping in touch with the candidates through all the offer process, notice period and settling in period.

Looking for a temporary staff member?

The process is very similar to if you were looking for a permanent staff member, although some of the businesses we work with are very happy for us to ‘place’ a temporary worker with them without conducting interviews as they know we are meticulous in our selection criteria to make sure the fit is right, don’t worry if you don’t like that idea, we are happy to conduct the same process and send CV’s, arrange interviews to ensure you are happy with the person and the process – we are flexible to fit with your requirements.

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