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How do recruiters find good eggs?

People are conditioned to act a certain way, dress a certain way, speak a certain way, and detail themselves in a certain way when presenting themselves for employment. Hiring Managers and HR departments can find that one candidate becomes indistinguishable from the next. It’s like looking at eggs and trying to tell from the outside, what’s within. When candidates – like eggs – all look and feel the same, how do you choose?

As good recruiters, it’s our role (or should that be egg roll?) to break through those cautious shells and get to the very heart of our candidates. We crack open authentic selves and discover what makes candidates different and what they’re best suited to. Are they destined to become a meringue fit for a French patisserie, or a tasty cheese omelette in a gastro pub?

At Brampton, we take time to get to know our candidates and together we make a more appetising impression on potential employers. We don’t just talk about what sort of job people are looking for, but also why that is, and just what it is that makes them tick. It’s not just the skills and background people have that makes them a good egg, it’s their qualities and personalities. Steering people away from the bland, anonymous, and restrained approach and towards a deeper, more colourful and distinctive way to put together an application and make an impactful impression at interview. Providing complete information and being open and approachable to address candidates concerns as the selection process progresses, allows them to be relaxed and portray themselves in a realistic light. This allows them to feel at ease and make the most of the time and the opportunities they will have to convey their distinctive qualities.

This personable approach isn’t limited to candidates. In the current climate it’s critically important for hiring companies to be authentic and appealing too. We invest in understanding our clients. Not only their immediate recruitment needs, but also their business heritage, culture, and ambitions. This helps to secure the right candidates, with the right offer, saving valuable time, money and valuable resources in the long term.

At Brampton, we go the eggs-tra mile to be the good eggs of recruitment.

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