Brampton Recruitment go hunting for butterflies!

On Monday 23rd July, our new Consultant Holly and her son, Harrison, swapped bears for butterflies as they took to Brampton Museum’s gardens for a butterfly hunt with the children of Giggles & Wiggles Day Nursery. In preparation for the Heart of England in Bloom Competition this week, Newcastle Borough Council took the children round the gardens to help count the number of butterflies found and to talk about their colours and size. Led by Queenie Bee, the Brampton Garden’s mascot, Holly and Harrison’s team found 11 butterflies in total!

HE and Harrison Butterfly hunt 400It was a pleasure to see the wildlife garden we proudly sponsored last year in full bloom!

The children sat down after the hunt to talk about the importance of worms in a garden and to hear more about the animals and plants that benefit from them. Harrison loves worms and all things dirt and mud, so this was a topic he was VERY interested in! 

Perhaps Brampton Recruitment's next project could be building a wormery in the new office?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Newcastle Borough Council for inviting us along to the hunt and we wish them luck in the Heart of England in Bloom Competition!




  • Butterflies taste with their feet!
  • Scientists estimate that there are between 15,000 and 20,000 different species of butterfly!
  • Worms have FIVE hearts!
  • Worms breathe through their skin!