Brampton Recruitment’s Temp of the Year 2017 announced!

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Temp of the Year Award 2017 is Daniel Sutton!

Daniel, who recently changed profession after deciding that a career in pharmacy wasn’t right for him, secured his temporary role within IT Support for a fantastic world-renowned company.

Claire Leigh, Director at Brampton Recruitment, said: “Daniel’s attitude immediately impressed us. He’s mature but fun, easy to work with and a hard worker."

“Once he was placed in the role, we received a wealth of positive feedback about Daniel’s commitment and dedication.”

Daniel added: “I am delighted to be recognised as Brampton’s Temp of the Year. Hopefully, this competition will raise awareness of temporary work, as not enough people are aware of the benefits it can bring.”

This is the ninth year that we have run our 'Temp of the Year' award scheme; inviting all employers of our hundred or more temporary workers to nominate individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty in their work.

Temporary members of staff are a crucial asset to a business in need. A gap in an organisation can be detrimental and having a business relationship with a local recruitment agency that understands your needs can be worth its weight in gold.

Every year the need for temporary staff grows and we supply a wide range of candidates to an even wider range of businesses. Our annual awards always go down extremely well and show true appreciation for the work that our temporary workers do.

Congratulations to Daniel and well done to all the amazing temporary workers that were nominated!

This article has also featured in the Sentinel’s May 2018 Business Round-up.