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The Benefits of Using a Recruiter

It can sometimes feel quite daunting when you’re just minding your own Business and then suddenly…wham! The phone starts ringing and you don’t recognise the number! Upon answering it you’re asked if you are looking for work…did they read your mind? Are they stalking you?

Often a Recruitment Consultant can catch you off guard but there are some extremely beneficial reasons why using an agency can help in your next career move. Account Manager Sammy Perkins examines what these can be and how moving forwards using a Consultant can get you your dream job:


  1. Selling yourself into a new business or industry can be extremely daunting. Building up a strong working relationship with a Recruitment Consultant can take some of the stress away from your job search. They get to know you on both a personal and professional level and this allows them to do the hard work to ‘sell you’ into a business to hopefully get you an interview.
  2. Sometimes regularly applying for roles and not hearing any feedback can be a lonely and demoralising experience. A good Consultant will keep in touch with you and continually support you during your job search.
  3. It’s free! Not much in life is free these days, but using an agency to help with your job search won’t cost you a penny and could land you your dream job!!
  4. The process of working with a good Consultant is usually quick and efficient. You could be unemployed on Monday and be starting a new role in just a matter of days. The Consultant will be working with a lot of clients and understands their needs for the business and their wishlist for their vacancy. Your Consultant will be able to quickly match you to the right roles.
  5. A Recruitment Consultant will always have their candidate’s best interests at heart – they want to see them succeed and find a role that will make them happy. There’s nothing better than seeing someone you placed at a company still there and thriving years later!
  6. Your Consultant can help to get you fully prepared for your interview. They know how the client likes to interview, what kind of questions they’re likely to ask and more. They can give you the best insight possible to help you secure the role. But, if you’re not successful, they can also get feedback for you to help you with any interviews you have in the future.


These are just some examples of the positives working with a Recruitment Consultant can bring. They are experts in their field and will have the knowledge and understanding to help you in making your next career move. Communication is key and it can be a positive way of having that ‘helping hand’ – the Recruitment Consultant is always on your side!

If you’d like us to help you in your job search, get in touch with our amazing team of friendly Consultants by calling 01782 976976 or uploading your CV.

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